A saint broke the king’s pride like this: All the desires of the mind are not fulfilled; Our mind can not be satisfied with things, but with devotion: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

There is a story of an arrogant king. Once upon a time a king was very arrogant, when his birthday came he decided that today he would fulfill all the wishes of at least one person. When it was the birthday of the king, big events were being organized in the palace. The entire people of the state had come to the palace. Along with the subjects, a saint also reached the Raj Mahal.

Along with all the people, the saint also wished the king a happy birthday. The king looked at the saint and said that today I want to fulfill all your wishes. You can ask me whatever you want. I am the king and I can fulfill all your wishes.

The saint listened to the king and said that Maharaj, I do not want anything. I am happy like this.

Emphasizing, the king again told the saint that you tell your wishes, I will definitely fulfill them.

The king started insisting on knowing the wishes from the saint.

The saints understood that the king is arrogant and he will not understand like this. The saint said that it is okay Rajan, fill this small vessel of mine with gold coins.

The king said that this is a very small task. I just fill it up. As soon as the king put the gold coins kept with him in it, all the coins disappeared. The king was surprised to see this.

The king called his treasurer and asked for more gold coins from the treasury. As the king was putting coins in that pot, they were all disappearing. Slowly the king’s treasury started getting empty, but that vessel did not fill.

The king started thinking that this is some illusory vessel, that’s why it is not filling.

The king asked the saint, please tell the secret of this vessel? Why is it not filling?

The saint said that Maharaj, this utensil is a symbol of the mind. Just as our mind can never be filled with money, position and knowledge, in the same way this vessel can never be filled. We should not be proud of our wealth, position and knowledge, because these things can never satisfy a person. If you want to satisfy the mind, then for this you should worship God. Through devotion our mind can become calm and the attachment of desires can end. Never be proud and engage your mind in devotion.

After listening to the words of the saint, the king realized his mistake. He accepted his mistake in front of the saint and took a vow that henceforth he would stop boasting.