The saint explained to the disappointed person how to get success: Avoid despair and practice your work, strengthen your roots, only then the goals are fulfilled: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

There is a folk tale. In which the saint had explained to a disappointed person that how we can get success. Know this story…

In olden times a poor man was repeatedly failing in his work. He started getting very worried about this. He was constantly trying to get rid of his poverty, but every time there was only disappointment.

One day due to failure and disappointment, he lost his courage and stopped trying. In those days a saint had come to his village. Disappointed person went to meet that saint.

The disappointed person told all his problems to the saint. The saint told him not to be disheartened by failure like this. Don’t stop trying.

After listening to the words of the saint, that person said that I have lost.

Hearing this, the sage understood that this person is entangled in negative thoughts. The saint told him that let me tell you the story of a child. Disappointment will go away from this story.

The saint started telling the story. A small child planted a bamboo and a cactus plant in a village. The child used to take care of both the plants equally everyday. Lots of time elapsed. The cactus plant flourished, but the bamboo plant was not flourishing.

The child was happy to see the cactus, but he was also feeling sad because of the bamboo. The child did not lose courage and continued to take care of both of them. Like this, a few more months passed, but the bamboo plant did not flourish.

The child kept trying, kept giving manure and water to the bamboo water. After a few months the bamboo plant also flourished and within a few days it became bigger than the cactus.

The sage explained to the dejected person that the bamboo plant was actually strengthening its roots earlier, that is why it took some time to grow. Whenever struggle comes in our life, we should strengthen our roots, should not get discouraged. We should keep practicing our work continuously. By practicing, we become proficient in work, our roots become strong. After this we can achieve big goals.

The man understood the words of the saint and once again started working with full enthusiasm. He soon got success.