Why did Kunti ask Shri Krishna for sorrow as a boon?: If there is happiness, sorrow will also come, if you do devotion in difficult times, you will get the courage to bear sorrow: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

The war of Mahabharata was over. The Pandavas had won and Yudhishthira had become the king. When everything went well in the family of Pandavas, Shri Krishna decided that now I should return to Dwarka. When Shri Krishna told this to the Pandavas, everyone became sad, but Shri Krishna had already decided to return to Dwarka. All the preparations are done. Shri Krishna got on the chariot and started moving forward, at that time Kunti stood in front of him.

Shri Krishna stopped seeing his aunt i.e. Kunti and got down from the chariot and approached her. Kunti bowed down to Shri Krishna before he bowed down to Shri Krishna.

Shri Krishna said that you are my aunt, older than me, like a mother. I should bow down, but why are you bowing down to me?

Kunti said that Krishna I know that you are God. Now I want to worship you. If you are leaving then let me do devotion.

Shri Krishna said that it is okay if you are calling me God, then you ask something from me.

Kunti said that you give me sorrow as a boon.

Shri Krishna was surprised to hear this and said that there has never been happiness in your life and you are asking for sorrow again, why so?

Kunti said that when you come in life, you are remembered, the mind is engaged in your devotion. If there is happiness, the mind will be diverted from devotion, so you give me sorrow.

Lessons learned

The lesson of this incident is that happiness and sorrow keep on coming and going in our life. We should be ready for every situation. If you do devotion in the days of sorrow, then the mind will remain strong and the courage to fight with sorrows will remain, despair will not dominate.