Parikshit became king after Yudhishthira: Parikshit’s lesson- If you want happiness and peace in life, then avoid intoxication, gambling, violence and wrongdoings: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

In the Mahabharata, Duryodhana was killed by Bhima and the war was over. When the Pandavas won, Yudhishthira was made the king. Yudhishthira remained the king for some time. After this, Abhimanyu’s son Parikshit was made the king.

Parikshit was a very intelligent and religious person. After the departure of the Pandavas, Parikshit was running the royal lessons very well. One day he was going somewhere, at that time he saw on the way that a black man was killing a cow and a bull.

Parikshit immediately reached there and asked the black man, the cow and the bull about their introduction. The cow said that I am the earth. The bull said that I am religion. The person who killed cow and bull said that I am Kaliyug.

Kaliyug said that now the Dwapar Yuga is over and it is time for me to come. First of all I attack the earth and religion. You are the last king of Dwapar Yuga, so now you allow Kali Yuga i.e. me to come on earth.

Parikshit thought and said that you can enter from places – where there is intoxication, where there is gambling, where there is violence and the fourth place where there is adultery i.e. wrong relationship between man and woman.

Kaliyug said that apart from these four ways, give me one more way. Then Parikshit said that where there is gold, you can enter there too, that is, where people earn money by wrong means, you can enter there too.

Lessons learned

Here Kaliyuga means bad times. If a person is doing even one of the five things mentioned here, then Kaliyuga i.e. bad time will come in his life. If you want happiness and peace in life, then avoid intoxication, gambling, violence, wrong relations. Never earn money in wrong way. Otherwise problems will start increasing in life.