Narad Muni had asked Vishnu for beauty: not by asking others, one should earn happiness and facilities by one’s own hard work; Swami Ram Bhajan Van

There is an anecdote related to Vishnu ji and Narad Muni in the scriptures. Narad Muni was proud that he had defeated Kamdev. When he told this to Vishnu ji, he planned to remove the ego of Narad Muni. Vishnu ji built a beautiful city with his illusion.

Narad Muni reached that Maya city. There he saw Princess Vishwamohini, she was very beautiful. Narad ji came to know that the princess’s swayamvar is going to happen. Seeing the beauty of Vishwamohini, Narada Muni thought that he should marry her.

As soon as these thoughts came to Narad Muni’s mind, he immediately reached Vishnu ji. Narad Muni told the whole thing to Vishnu ji and said that you give me your beautiful form. Swayamvar is happening, then the girl will like only him, who will be beautiful in appearance. That’s why you give me your form.

Vishnu ji said with a smile that I will definitely fulfill this wish of yours. Vishnu ji gave Narad the face of a monkey. Narad Muni was unaware of this and he reached Swayamvar like this. When he reached Swayamvara in monkey form, he was insulted there.

When Narad Muni came to know the reality, he got angry on Vishnu ji. He asked Vishnu ji why did you do this to me?

Vishnu ji replied that when a person is ill, the doctor gives him bitter medicine, even if the patient does not like that medicine. Sex had awakened in the mind of a saint like you. These lusts had to be removed from your mind. That’s why I had created this whole illusion.

Narad Muni understood Vishnu ji’s words and realized his mistake.

Lessons learned

The lesson of this context is that we should not ask for comforts, wealth and opulence from others. We should earn these things by our own hard work. If these things are asked from others, then you may have to be insulted.