Let the light not diminish: We respect willpower, then see its miracle! Swami Ram Bhajan Van

Willpower! It is a small word, but its effect can make every impossible possible. Whatever good, true and meaningful we see in the world today is the result of unshakable will. If humans did not have the will, we would neither have an electric bulb nor a smartphone, nor would we be able to build the world’s tallest building or go to the moon. There are thousands and millions of examples of human will, from bringing the soil of the moon to flying to Mars, but the sentiment is all one, ‘Whatever you can think, you can do it too.’

What can be a bigger secret of success than this? From the day we start giving a panacea like willpower to our quiver, no goal of the world will remain impenetrable to us. Did the world ever think that India, which has been subjected for more than a thousand years, will overtake a developed country like Britain in economy? Never But we Indians did think, and that is why today we have done what the world considered to be a figment of the imagination. On asking from the pages of history, it is known that India was the ‘golden bird’ whose wings were cut off and the badniyat Firangi took it to England and riding on these cut wings, the economy of England started touching the sky at one time. Before the colonial era, our share in the GDP of the whole world was about 24 percent, but by the time we became independent in 1947, these figures of GDP had come down to 3 percent.

There are many such examples in front of us, from the blister of Dashrath Manjhi’s feet to the spear of Neeraj, who have stamped their virility on the manuscript of success with the bright ink of will, but our problem is that we have become one-sided today. Neither can choose the right hero nor follow them. We are always in this dilemma that who can be our hero? Whom should we consider as our role model? On whose path should we walk without doubt, so that our journey from struggle to success becomes precise and easy. Unfortunately, in this lull, the most ‘productive phase’ of our lives, puberty, slips out of our hands like dry sand. Recently, Gautam Adani, a big industrialist of our country, surprised the whole world with his willpower. Running on the track of prosperity, his train became the ‘Bullet Train’ and in a very short time he surpassed the big giants to become the second richest person in the world. This should be a matter of pride for all of us. An Indian has gone ahead and given a ‘new message of New India’ to the whole world, but we see evil in this too. What do we give to the person from whom we should learn, whose successes we should travel ahead by making milestones? Only criticisms! I want to know when will we stop looking for happiness in poverty and poverty? When will we start looking at money, wealth with respect? We are born in a culture where artha along with dharma, kama and moksha is also counted among the pursuits of life. We are a civilization that worships Lakshmi, then when we were given the philosophy that money is a bad thing, there are bad people with money. Money in itself can never be bad, if it is not earned through bad avenues. Our apathy for money is a big obstacle in our development, we have to change this thinking, only then many more Indians like Adani will be able to shine in the high position in the world market. It is important to make it clear here that I am not supporting Adani, but I am supporting the will, the effort, whose bright glow made him the sun of success.

Let us learn to trust our will. Goswami Shri Tulsidas has also said, ‘Jehi ka Jehi par Satya Sanehu. So tehi milai na kachu sakshu’