Navratri is Ashtami on Monday and Navami on Tuesday, before worship, cow urine should be sprinkled in the house for purity; Swami Ram Bhajan Van

The Ashtami and Navami dates of Navratri will be on Monday-Tuesday. If some things are not taken care of while worshiping the Goddess, then the worship is not successful. Know from। Swami  Rambhajan  Van important things to keep in mind in Goddess worship…

During Navratri, one should do good cleaning inside and outside the house. Spray cow urine. This eliminates the negativity of the house and increases purity.

Suhag items must be kept in Goddess Puja. Like red chunari, red flowers, kumkum, vermilion, red bangles, bindi, jewelery must be kept. After worship these things should be donated to a woman.

Along with Goddess Durga, one must also worship Ganesh ji, Shiva ji, Kartikeya Swami. Goddess worship should be started with the worship of Ganesh ji. Offer water to Shivling with a copper vessel. Offer Ganesha Durva. Do Abhishek of Kartikeya Swamy also.

The mantras of the Goddess should be chanted while performing Durga Puja. Goddess Mantra – Du Durgayi Namah. If you want, you can also chant the name of Goddess Bhagwati.

In Navratri, along with Goddess worship, you must also worship small girls. Small girls are considered to be the form of Mother Goddess. Along with worship, one should definitely offer money and other materials for the education of needy girls.

You can worship Goddess like this

Before worship, sprinkle cow urine and Gangajal in the house. After this, offer water to the deities in the temple of the house. Make up with flowers. Offer clothes. Apply tilak of sandalwood and kumkum. Light incense-lamps.

First of all, Lord Ganesha should be worshipped. After Ganesh Puja, worship Goddess Durga, Shiva and Kartikeya Swami. Worship the Kalash. Enjoy sweets. Do aarti. After the puja, distribute the prasad and take it yourself.