Traditions of Navratri: If you are not able to fast or worship for the Mother Goddess, then donate things related to studies to the little girls; Swami Ram Bhajan Van –

Friday is the Panchami Tithi of Navratri and on this day Skandmata is worshipped. Navami is the last date of Navratri on Tuesday, October 4. There is a tradition of fasting and special worship for the Mother Goddess in Navratri.

According to Swami Ram Bhajan Van – those who are unable to do Goddess worship or fasting in Navratri due to lack of time or any other reason, they must do other work related to religious deeds. For example, donate the things of education to small girls.

Little girls are the form of Mother Goddess

It is written in the third skandha of Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Mahapuran that two-year-old daughter Kumari, three-year-old girl Trimurti, four-year-old girl Kalyani, five-year-old girl Rohini, six-year-old girl Kalika, seven-year-old girl Chandika, eight-year-old girl Shambhavi and the nine-year-old girl are in the form of Durga. A ten year old girl is called Subhadra. Being the form of the goddess, little girls are worshiped and given food. After the meal, donation-dakshina is also given to the girls.

Those who are not able to worship Goddess in Navratri, they should donate the things of education to the needy girls. Donate shoes, slippers, clothes, grains and money to the girls. These religious deeds done for the girls can also get the same virtue as the worship of the goddess.