Pitru Parv till September 25: From gold to salt during the days of Pitru Paksha, the donation of ten things gives satisfaction to the ancestors; Swami Ram Bhajan Van

Pitru Paksha will remain till September 25. By doing Shradh during this, the ancestors are satisfied. It has also been said in the scriptures that donating in Pitru Paksha leads to the salvation of ancestors. There are some special things mentioned for this. In which eight or ten things can be donated from gold to salt. Due to which the ancestors are satisfied with the virtue they get.

Apart from Brahmins in Pitru Paksha, the law of giving donations to the needy people is mentioned in the scriptures. For this, one should wake up early in the morning and take a pledge to donate and donate during the Kutap period i.e. between 11.30 to 12.30 with the desire of fulfillment of the ancestors.

Scholars believe, it is not necessary that always only expensive things should be donated. Keeping in mind the reverence and financial condition, you can donate whatever things are available in the house for the ancestors. Due to which happiness and prosperity comes in the house and our ancestors are happy. At the same time, it is also to be said that even if you cannot donate all the things, then the amount of things you can donate is enough. Even the fathers are satisfied with this.

Donation for freedom from Pitra Dosh and financial prosperity
The astrologer of Puri, Dr. Ganesh Mishra tells that the ancestors are satisfied with the donation made in the Shraddha Paksha. With this, one gets rid of Pitra Doshas. Along with this, financial prosperity is also available. The things that should be donated for the ancestors are mentioned in the Puranas and other religious texts. Most of these things are easily found in almost every home.

Eight and ten Mahadans mentioned in the scriptures
The information of Mahadan has been given in Niyanasindhu and Garuda Purana. It has been told in these texts that what things should be donated after Shradh or death. So that the dead soul or ancestors get satisfaction. For this, ten types of Mahadan have been told in these texts. But if you are not able to do so much, then only by donating eight special things, one gets the virtue of Ashta Mahadan.

ten greats
Gobhutilhiranyajyam Vaso Dhanyam Gudani Ch.
Raupyam Lavanamityahurdashdanyananukramat – Decision Indus Granth
Meaning – The donation of these ten things of cow, land, sesame, gold, ghee, clothes, cereals, jaggery, silver and salt is called Dasha Mahadan. This donation is given for the sake of ancestors. If it cannot be done at the time of death due to any reason, then the law of donating these things has been told in the Shraddha Paksha.

Ashta Mahadan
Tila Lohan Hiranyam Cha Karpaso Lavanam and.
Saptadhanyam Kshitirgavo Hayekam Pavanam Smritim – Garuda Purana
Meaning – Sesame, iron, gold, cotton, salt, seven types of paddy, land and cow. Donating these eight is called Ashta Mahadan. This kind of great donation is supposed to give satisfaction to the dead souls or ancestors.
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