Significance of Ekadashi of Ashwin month: Along with fasting on this date, the ancestors are satisfied by worshiping Sun and Peepal; Swami Ram Bhajan Van

The Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month is considered important to satisfy the ancestors. During this, the ancestors are satisfied by offering Arghya to the Sun and worshiping Peepal on Ekadashi. This is also mentioned in the scriptures. That is why Ekadashi of Ashwin month is also called Pitru Parva.

It is mentioned in the Vedas and Upanishads that when the Sun is in Virgo, then Shradh should be performed for the ancestors. The ancestors are satisfied for a long time by performing Shradh at this time. Due to the presence of Sun in Virgo, this aspect is called Kanyagat. Gradually it came to be called Kanagat. It has also been told in the texts that the ancestors are happy by offering Arghya to the Sun during this time.

Surya Puja: Arghya given in the month of Ashwin while the Sun is in Virgo sign satisfies the ancestors. Surya is a part of Lord Vishnu. That is why he is called Surya Narayan. These are the real deities. Therefore, after offering water to the rising sun on Indira Ekadashi, one should pray for the fulfillment of the ancestors. By doing this the father is satisfied.

Peepal Puja: The worship of Peepal on the Ekadashi of the month of Ashwin also has special significance. On this day, getting up early in the morning, mixing Gangajal, raw milk and sesame in water should be offered to Peepal. By doing this the father becomes satisfied. Along with this, the blessings of Lord Vishnu are also available.

Do special worship for ancestors like this
The rituals of performing Shradh and Tarpan on Ekadashi date have been mentioned in the scriptures. For this, fill water in a pot, mix flowers and sesame seeds in the water. After this, offer this water to the ancestors. To offer water, take water in the palm and offer it from the thumb side. Offer incense by burning a kanda and pouring jaggery-ghee on it. Take care of your fathers.

Pitru Paksha comes in the form of air
It is believed that during Pitru Paksha, ancestors come to earth from heaven, Yamlok, Pitruloka, Devalok, Chandraloka and other worlds wearing subtle air bodies. They see whether their Shradh is being performed with reverence or not. On seeing good deeds, the ancestors shower blessings on their descendants. In the Shradh, offering tarpan, worship, brahmbhoj and charity in the name of ancestors is virtuous. Therefore, to please the ancestors, tarpan is done and on these days charity and Brahma Bhoj are also done.