With what feelings did Lord Shrihari listen to the story of Narada Muni: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

How has the life of Devrishi Narad ji also stood at a turning point? Due to which chanting and penance made him fame in all the three worlds, all the gods and demons accepted his dominance, the same great ascetic and sage, Devrishi Narad ji, is saying today that nothing will happen by chanting-taapse.

Chanting tapa tortoise na hoi teh kala.

Hey Bidhi Millai Kavan Bidhi Bala.

Devrishi Narad ji had even accepted that if the princess is to be found, then some other remedy will have to be taken. At least they knew that what I want to achieve is an object, and devotion to the Lord destroys the object, not the attainment. The sages knew very well that in this beautiful city, it has its importance and value, which will be the most beautiful. So why shouldn’t I ask for beauty from Srihari? But here also there is a problem. The problem is that by the time I go to Shri Hari and return after getting beauty, then the whole program of Swayamvara will be over.

Ask for Hari Sun Sundari.

Hoihi jaat gaharu very brother.

More Hit Hari Sam Nahin Kou.

Ehi opportunity Sahai Hou Soi Hou.’

How surprised it is to read that the sage Narad ji, till today had prayed to the Lord, that O Lord! Make my heart pure and beautiful. Today the same sage is leaving the mind and praying that how not my mind but my body be beautiful. Who is dear to God? This will tell even a faint hearted that God is loved not by the beauty of the body, but by the beauty of the mind. But the problem was that at this time, Devrishi Narad ji was not in the assembly of God, but in the assembly of the world. Where always the priority is given to the body adorned with Maya and Prapanch. Devrishi Narad ji thought that neither Baba nor! I will not do such a foolish thing, I will go to Shri Hari and take away the whole fair here by someone else. So the question was, then, what to do? The sage thought that why should I not call Shri Hari here? Because they do not take much time to travel anywhere like me. Muni liked this idea very well. At the same time, the sage started singing many requests and praises. Beautiful prayers were being offered by the sage with such intense effort that he had never felt such enthusiasm and fervor in himself even before today. See also the effect of prayers, with immediate effect, Shri Hari appeared before the sage in a real form. As soon as the sage saw Lord Shri Vishnu ji in front of him, his eyes gleamed. It became a firm determination in his mind, that now Shri Hari has appeared, so now consider your work to be just-

‘Multibidhi Binay Keenhi Tehi Kaala.

Pragteu Prabhu Pragya’s grace.

Lord beloki mutan nayan connect.

Hoihi kaju hi harshane.’

The sage thought that how should I tell the Lord, that make me the most beautiful in the world. Because what is the trust of the Lord, that he should start preaching, ‘O sage! You are a yogi, and who can be better than a yogi in the world? That’s why I have to speak very carefully. Don’t make any such mistake, that the whole game is spoiled. So it would be appropriate in such a situation, that I should ask for the form of Shri Hari. Because in the world no one has a more beautiful form than Shri Hari. Devrishi Narad ji had told the whole matter to the Lord in a matter of words. And look amazing, that the sage had not thought even once, that seeing such thoughts of mine, what would the Lord think of me. He just kept saying it in one breath, and the Lord kept listening. It was not that the Lord could not scold the sage. But he didn’t do that. Because now the treatment of this mental ailment of the sage was not possible only with words. So he let the sage speak everything. Muni also kept telling his story-

Tell the story of ‘Ati Aarti’.

Please help me.

Dehu your form Lord Mohi.

I can’t get it like that.

Shri Hari must also be thinking that what has happened to the sage. Which cannot be said in words. The naive sage was not even aware in such a situation that the one who has attained my form has nothing to do with the material desires. Well, it is also good that the sages want to get my form even in such a pathetic condition.