Draupadi proved – Lord Krishna saves his devotees in every trouble : Swami Ram Bhajan Van

Goddess Draupadi was the Ayonija daughter of Panchal King Drupada. Their origin was from Yajna Vedi. Their appearance was unique. There was no beauty like her in the world at that time. His body immediately smelled like a blossoming lotus and spread to a place. At the time of his birth Akashvani said that this Ramniratna was born with the purpose of killing Kshatriyas to prove the work of the gods. Due to this the Kauravas will be greatly afraid. People used to call him Krishna because he was black. He got five husbands in this birth due to the boon of Lord Shankar in his previous birth. Even though Arjuna won Swayamvar alone, he was married by five brothers at the command of Mother Kunti. Draupadi was a highly virtuous person and a speaker of God. He had unwavering love for the feet of Lord Krishna. She considered him as her protector, benefactor and supreme soul, she also had full faith in his omnipresence and omnipotence. When the wicked Dushasan in the assembly of the Kauravas wanted to strip him naked and none of the members dared to stop this inhuman torture, at that time, seeing no other way to save his shame, he desperately called upon Lord Krishna.

God hears the call of compassion from the true heart very quickly. Lord Krishna was in Dwarka at that time, from there he immediately came and saved Draupadi’s shame by hiding in her clothes. By the grace of God, Draupadi’s saree increased infinitely. The more Dushasan dragged her, the more she grew. There is a pile of clothes there. The powerful arms of Mahabali Dushasan got tired. But the saree did not come. All the members present witnessed the amazing miracle of Bhagavad Bhakti and Pativratya. In the end Dushasan became ashamed of losing. Bhaktavatsala Prabhu put his devotee’s shame aside.

One day, when the Pandavas were living in the Kamyaka forest with Draupadi, the sage Durvasa, sent by Duryodhana, came to the Pandavas with ten thousand of his disciples. Duryodhana deliberately sent them at a time when everyone was resting after eating. Maharaja Yudhishthira received from Lord Surya a miraculous vessel in which even a small amount of cooked food became inexhaustible for the purpose of guest service. But the condition was that as long as Draupadi continued to serve food without eating, then enough food could be obtained from that vessel. Yudhishthira invited the Maharishi along with his disciples for a meal and Durvasa went with them to the banks of the Ganges to retire from the medieval bath-sandhyadis.

With Durvasa ji, ten thousand disciples used to run a whole university. Dharmaraj invited all of them for food and the sage accepted it. But no one thought that Draupadi had not finished eating, so food could not be arranged for those people from the pot given by Surya. Draupadi was very worried. He thought that if the sage returns without food then he will not stay without cursing. His angry nature was world famous. Draupadi did not find any other solution. Then he remembered Lord Krishna in his mind and prayed to him to get rid of this objection. Shri Krishna is the one who knows the ghat-ghat ki. They immediately reached there. Seeing him, Draupadi’s body seemed to have come to life. Drowning ko mano sahara mil gaya. Draupadi briefly told him everything. Showing impatience, Shri Krishna said that everything will be behind us. First, give me something quick. I am very hungry. You don’t know how far I have come and I am tired. Draupadi was ashamed. They said Rukte-Rukte Kaha- Lord! I woke up eating now. Ab to us batloi mein kuch bhi nahin hai. Shri Krishna said- Just show me your signature. Draupadi batloi le mother. Shri Krishna took him in his hand and saw that he found a Saag’s address stuck on his neck. He put it in his mouth and said, “Es Saag ke Paali se Sampur Jagat ke Atma Yajna Bhokta Lord Satisfied.” After this he said Sahadev se kaha− Bhaiya! Now you call the sages for food. Sahdev went to the banks of the Ganga and saw that he did not find anyone there. It happened that at the time when Shri Krishna put the address of Saag in his mouth and recited that Sankalp, at that time Munishwar people were standing in the water and drinking. He suddenly felt as if his stomach was full of food up to his neck. They all looked at each other’s mouths and started saying what will they eat now when they go there. Aisa kah wah sab wahin se chale gaye. In this way Draupadi’s devotion to Lord Krishna defeated the heavy force of the Pandavas. Shri Krishna came and saved him from the wrath of Durvasa Rishi and thus introduced his surrender.