Despite being angry, Srihari did not say anything to Naradji: Swami Ram Bhajan Van


Devrishi Narada ji said a few words, but he seemed to have a devotional spirit on the outside, but inside, every word was filled with arrogance. Because sage Narada ji, now went somewhere and said, that no-no Lord! It is the grace of all these works. Shri Hari listened to the entire work from the mouth of Devrishi Narada ji. Someone else might be Srihari, but scolds him. But even then he heard the whole sentence from Devrishi Narad ji’s mouth. The question arises, ki srihari ne devrishi narad ji ko kyon nahin kuch kaha? It is certain that Lord Narada, Lord Shri Hari, was only worried about the wrath of the Lord. Because Sri Hari knew that Lord Narada was not such a depraved person by nature. It is not that they are innately fond of the subject. Love is as natural as darkness to an owl. Like vultures, they crave fish with the stench of dead bodies. Well, Devrishi Narada ji ki vritti vaisi to kabhi bhi nahi rahi. Yes, if someone has been bewitched by Maya under the influence of karma, it does not mean that the life of Lord Narada should be taken away. Even a worldly father is mindful of which of his sons is a constant sinner, and which of his sons has made no mistakes after years. It is certain that the father will reprimand the one who brought it and the son who has committed this sin only today, he will make him sit down and explain with love. Shri Hari also thought that Devrishi Narada is such a son of mine, whom he cannot give up at any cost. But the giant tree of ego which he has kept under his wing, needs to be uprooted. Even if Shri Hari was not happy with Devrishi Narad ji, but even then he could not speak harsh words to Devrishi Narad ji. Shrihari made his face to bhale hi sa rukha. But they spoke sweet words-

“Rukh Badan Kari Bachan Mridu Bole Shri Bhagavan

Tumhre mumiran te mithin moh mar mad maan..’

Sri Hari said, O sage Narada, what you said, you have defeated Kamdev. It is not a surprise to you. Because you are such a great sage, that even if someone else remembers you, their passion, work, pride and pride will disappear. Fir apki to baat hi kya hai.

e being angry, Srihari did not say anything to Naradji: Swami