Attitude moves forward or pushes back: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

He who knows how to be happy will always be happy
Our attitude is what drives us forward or pushes us back in life. If you are surrounded by very difficult situations but the attitude is positive, then you will come out of it by being happy. On the contrary, negative attitude can make you disappointed and ruined. One who is happy is not happy only in certain circumstances, he remains happy in every circumstance

show your best to people
When you present yourself to others, you want to convey your qualities to them. People meet you very quickly and form their perception. They won’t judge how good you are. They just want to test your strength. In this situation, it becomes very important to reveal your best to everyone.

thoughts drive feelings
Those who are unable to control their emotions suffer from many types of psychological disorders. Research on Behavior Psychology shows that our thoughts drive our emotions. To control your emotions, you need to change your thoughts. This allows the reaction to be kept under control.

Guilt is the only truth from which to learn
People who consistently do good things feel guilty when something bad happens to them. Guilt is useless until we learn a lesson from it. If there is a feeling of guilt in your mind about something, yet you do not correct it, then its existence or not is the same. Then it is not true, it is false guilt.