Beginning of new season of farmers, farmers worship Goddess Annapurna and plow for prosperity: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

The festival of the beginning of the new season of farmers
Halahari Amavasya is an auspicious day for farmers. It is considered a very good day for sowing of crops. In this way, it is the festival of the beginning of a new season for the farmers. On this day, farmers worship Lord Vishnu and Mother Annapurna, the maintainer of the universe, as well as plows and other farming implements.
It is believed that their worship brings happiness and prosperity and increases the yield of the crop. In these, on the first day on Halahari Amavasya, farmers will worship in the fields and homes. On this day people selling agricultural products also decorate their shops.

Traditions of Halahari Amavasya
On this day, early in the morning the plows are plowed in the fields. After the rains, the process of sowing the crop and till the storage of the finished crop is done. On this day, farmers worship the crops to be sown in the coming season in the courtyard of their house. These include cereals, oilseeds and pulses, all kinds of crops. On this day, Annadevata is prayed for good yields for the next year and prosperity of the family.

new moon for two days
Puri’s astrologer Dr. Ganesh Mishra says that the new moon date will start at 5.55 am after sunrise on June 28. Which will remain till around 8.25 am on Wednesday the next day.

Special day for Shani Puja
Amavasya is the date of birth of Lord Shani Dev. Therefore, there is a tradition of special worship of Shani Dev on this date. On Amavasya, Shani Dev is anointed with sesame oil. And this oil lamp is also lit.
Mrigashira Nakshatra will remain on the first day on Amavasya Tithi. Its lord is Mars and the deity is Moon. Next day will be Ardra Nakshatra. Whose lord is Rahu and the deity is Rudra. Therefore, worshiping Shani Dev on both the days will reduce Shani Dosh.

Bhaumavasya: Feast of ancestors
Amavasya Tithi will remain for the whole day on Tuesday. For the prevention of Pitra Dosh at home, temples and river banks, tarpan etc. will be done for the ancestors. On this day, the auspicious results of worship done will increase due to the increase in yoga. In the afternoon, between 11.30 to 12.30, there is a law for special worship and Brahmin food for the ancestors. By doing this the father would be satisfied.