When we are ready to listen and understand each other’s thoughts, we also inspire each other: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

1) Listen to people’s views, give them respect
‘Thank you for expressing your views.’ By saying this you send the message to the other person that their point of view is important, as well as it shows your trust, even if you heartily disagree with them. In this way you open the way forward. People are ready to listen to each other seriously and give the right feedback.
2) Avoid making claims, always leave room
When you show some uncertainty by not claiming your point, it shows that what you say is not the ultimate truth. Say that ‘allowing people flexible work can increase their commitment to the institution.’
3) Stay positive even during arguments
Use positive language during the debate. Say ‘The benefits of having fewer people involved in the marketing project can be thought of’ instead of ‘No more people should be involved in the marketing project at all.’ The latter sentence makes it sound as though. The person is no longer ready to talk further.
4) Choose a topic that everyone agrees on
If there is a disagreement on any one topic in the debate, then immediately everyone’s focus becomes on it. When people can passionately disagree on a topic, there will be some beliefs that are present and agreed upon by all. Choose such beliefs, by bringing them to the fore, mutual distance can be reduced to a great extent.