How is fate made?:After Shri Ram’s exile, King Dasharatha realized his old mistake:: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

Our destiny is made by our actions. If we do good deeds then luck will be good and if we have done any mistake then in future we may have to face sorrows because of it. In the Ramayana, King Dasharatha had completed all the preparations to make Shri Ram the king. The next day the coronation of Shri Ram was about to take place.

When King Dasharatha reached Kaikeyi on the night before the coronation, Kaikeyi asked for two of his boons, one for Bharata, and the other for 14 years of exile for Rama. Dasharatha tried hard to convince Kaikeyi, but Kaikeyi did not agree. After this, on the day when Shri Ram was to be crowned, on the same day Ram, Lakshmana and Sita had to go to exile.

After Shri Ram’s exile, King Dasharatha realized that fate is made by our own actions. The kind of work we do, we get the same results in future. We should keep doing the right thing.

King Dasharatha remembered his mistake

Shri Ram, Lakshmana and Sita had gone to exile. After this, when King Dasharatha was sitting with Kaushalya ji, then he remembered one of his mistakes. When King Dasharatha was young, he accidentally shot Shravan Kumar with an arrow. Due to this Shravan Kumar had died.

Shravan Kumar was the only support of old parents. When the old parents came to know about the death of Shravan Kumar, they also cursed Dasharatha to suffer in the separation of his son.

Dasaratha remembered this mistake and understood that whatever we get, behind it is our own karma. So we should be careful about our actions. Never do any such work, which is wrong and because of that we may have to face problems.