If you have self-confidence and courage then your victory is certain – Swami Ram Bhajan Van

1. Freedom is a boon, which everyone is entitled to get. 2. When the spirits are high, the mountain also looks like a pile of mud. 3. A small step for a small goal, later leads to a bigger goal. 4. The person who bows before the truth and God is respected by the whole world. 5. When the goal is to win, no matter what the cost for achieving it, it has to be paid. 6. If a man has self-power, then he can hoist the flag of victory over the whole world with his courage. 7. For the person who is diligently engaged in his work in his bad times, then the time itself turns into good times. 8. One should not expect only good days in life. Because like day and night, good days also have to change. 9. Before doing any work it is beneficial to think about its result. Because our future generation follows him.