As we think, others see us in the same way, so wrong thoughts should be avoided: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

In olden times, a person in a village was considered inauspicious by all. The thinking of the people of the village had become such that if the face of this person is seen early in the morning, then the whole day is wasted.

The people of the village started trying to drive the person away from the village. When this matter reached the king there, the king did not believe the words of the people of the village. The king asked the man to stay in his palace. The king himself wanted to investigate the matter.

The next day the king first saw the face of the person considered inauspicious. The king did not get food that day from morning till evening. He had to starve for the whole day. By evening, the king got very angry. He also accepted that the person was really unlucky.

The king gave death sentence to that person and ordered his servants to hang this person. The servants were taking the person to be hanged on the orders of the king. Then the king’s minister came to know about this.

The minister immediately approached the king and asked, ‘Why are you giving death penalty to this innocent person?’

The king said, ‘This person is really unlucky. This morning when I saw its face, I have not been able to eat for the whole day.

The minister said, ‘Excuse me Rajan, but this person also saw your face first thing this morning. Not only did you get food, but this person’s life is in danger. Now you yourself think who is more unlucky.’

On hearing this, the king was shocked. The minister was right. Seeing the king surprised, the minister said, ‘Rajan, the face of any person is not inauspicious. The face is a gift from God. Our thoughts are bad. As we think, we will see other people the same way.

The king understood the minister’s words and the king freed the man.

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We should also keep our thinking positive. If we think negatively, then we will have the same thinking for other people. Wrong thoughts damage our thinking and we also start thinking wrong for others. If you think well, then all people will look good to us.