Read Shri Ramcharitmanas in poetic form::Swami Ram Bhajan

Brahmshakti did it, Lakshman fell in shock on the chest, a terrible thing happened.

Terrible thing happened, Ravan came running

But could not lift Lakhanlal in the slightest.

Saying ‘Prashant’ Bajrang Bali leaned on his shoulders

Handed over Raghav to him again..91.


Lakshman woke up, hearing Raghav’s voice

Arrived in the battlefield, prodigy to do today.

Prodigy to do today, the charioteer killed him

The chariot broke down, became Lankesh without any support.

Saying ‘Prashant’ for a few moments he fainted

Raksharaj’s tragedy in the palaces returned..92.


He started doing a special yagya in Lanka.

The group of monkeys did it, but it was helpless.

But he got indignant, anger came to Ravana.

By mobilizing a large army, they stormed the battlefield.

Saying ‘Prashant’ the gods sang the praise of Ram

Hit it, Sita Mai is very sad..93.


A fierce battle broke out in both the parties

On one side Ravana was sacrificed, and here Shri Ram.

And here Shri Ram, the limbs used to fall apart.

The warriors marched on top of them.

Saying ‘Pacific’ animals and birds have fun throughout their lives

They eat the flesh of the dead after filling their stomach..94.


The ocean has become water, far and wide red

The creatures of the water were wandering, there was time in it.

He used to drink blood in it.

But they find absolutely no shortage in war.

Saying ‘Prashant’ then came the ghosts, demons-nocturnal

Ravana laid such traps of Maya..95.


All the gods got worried, how did they work?

Ravana stood on the chariot, but Rama on foot.

But Rama on foot, Indra ordered the chariot

And sent it furnished to Ram.

Saying ‘Pacific’ the horses were four fast pacers

Skilled charioteer Matali Ramcharan following.96.


Raghunandan accepts the chariot with love

Now the Ravana party was hit as if it were a double whammy.

As if double whammy, spread illusion again

Only Ram and Lakhan began to appear.

Saying ‘Prashant’ Raghav laughed and shot an arrow.

That Maya of Ravana was cut in a moment..97.


It broke out straight away, now the war between the two

Raghav was laughing but Ravana remained angry.

Ravana was angry, Ram used to shoot arrows.

one by one his heads were cut off

Saying ‘Prashant’ did not kill Raksha Raj

Everyone was upset, what is this affair brother.98.


Seeing Ram worried, Vibhishana passed

Nectar resides in the navel of Raksharaj.

Is the abode of nectar, shoot arrows over there

And reduce the burden of this sinner from the earth.

Saying ‘Prashant’ Raghav hit the arrow like this

All in the moment of nectar dry navel kund..99..


Twenty hands fell to the earth, all cut off then shaved

The rest of Ravana remained, the rune falling.

Falling rund, arrow hit by Raghav

His torso was broken in two parts.

Saying ‘Pacific’ fell like a mountain on the ground

Miracle gods have never seen such a thing..100.