“National Consciousness” (poem) immerses the common man in the juice of national devotion: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

Poet Colonel Praveen Tripathi, immersing the common man in the juice of patriotism and making him aware of his duties towards the country. The poet tried to strengthen the unity and integrity of the nation through these words.
India ate defense interests, which will have to be pledged.1

Make an incision and shed all the contaminated blood,

In every artery of patriotism, there will always be blood.

Wired which, a few crooked leaders,

The unique image of Mother India has to be made revered.3

conducting activities, many enemies sitting outside,

The masters sitting outside have to be taught a lesson.4

Those who do hate with pride, discarding national symbols,

They will have to sing the national anthem whether or not they want it.5

Who can add that all the citizens, the country anthem should all be sung,

The lovely tune of Vande Bharat, he must play it.6

The powers that do treason, when fighting together with them,

The bright stream of nationalism, today will have to be an excuse.7