Read Shri Ramcharitmanas in poetic form: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

The author has given a very beautiful description of the stories related to Aranya Kand mentioned in Shri Ram Charit Manas through his verses. In this series you will get to read verses filled with devotional rasa every week. Hope the readers will like this poetic style.

The successful birth of Jatayu, the religion of birth.

He found the religion of birth, the form of Hari

Leaving the body of the vulture, he adopted the path of salvation.

Saying ‘Prashant’ again both the brothers are moving forward

Seeing the cave-bushes, the eyes stoned..51.


Found a demon, whose name is Kabandha

The Lord killed him and made him banned.

He did the restriction, he found salvation

Then Raghu Rai reached Shabari’s ashram.

Shabri Mata was very much in love saying ‘Prashant’

I don’t understand how to welcome him..52.


Shabari Regards, Worship and Salutation

Shri Ram was delighted to receive his hospitality.

Shri Ram was happy, the tuber brought root-fruits

Raghurai kept eating them with great love.

Shabri Mata should stand by saying ‘Prashant’

Said I am inferior, I do not know anything..53.


Shri Ram told, what is Navadha Bhakti

Whoever adopts them will get new power.

Will get new power, first child satsanga

Listen to my story with love.

Saying ‘Prashant’ Teeji Seva Guru Charan Suhai

Sing my virtues, told this fourth thing..54.


Have full faith in the mantra of Ramnaam

This is the fifth devotion, practice regularly.

Do regular practice, listen to the sixth, Shabri Mata

Indriya-control, modesty-detachment, relationship with a saint.

Saying ‘Pacific’ to the world Rammayi who knows

He recognizes the meaning of Bhakti VII.55.


Know devotion eighth, be content in heart

Do not see in the dream, the faults of others.

Who does not know the faults, deceit and deceit of others

Away from joy and sorrow, believe in me.

Saying ‘Prashant’ this is the ninth devotion, Shabri Mata

I like what a perfect person can do..56.


Ram asked her about Sitaji

Who has taken him, what is known to you.

What do you know, go to Sarovar Pampa

Sugreev lives, friend you make him.

Say ‘Prashant’ he will tell everything

Sitaji’s address will be known only by him..57.


Saying so, Shabri became under the feet of the Lord.

Yogagni appeared there, was absorbed in it.

Got absorbed in that, then both the brothers went

The whole world was happy, only Raghu Rai was sad.

Saying ‘Prashant’ was very nice Pampa sir

The ashrams of sages, trees, flowers and fruits are beautiful..58.


Shri Ramji was sitting with Lakhanlal

Naradji came there, took Veena in hand.

Taking Veena in hand, she had some doubts

Raghunandan told him some secrets.

Say ‘Prashant’ whom I love very much

I do not let him do any harm..59.


Like a little child, the mother takes care

In the same way, I also respect my own devotee.

I would also believe, but whoever would have been wiser

Arrogant about his strength.

Saying ‘Prashant’ is this then his responsibility

Destroy the enemy and take care of yourself..60.