After all, why was Laxmiji stopped at the door by Jai-Vijay: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

According to his condition, Kardam ji started going to the forest after being sober, then Devahuti smiled and stopped him and said – Lord! If you go to the forest, then who will find suitable groom for these girls and who will solve my happiness and sorrow?

Taptarayvinashaya Srikrishnaya Vayanum:

Bhagwat-Katha lovers of Prabhasakshi! In the previous issue we read that-

Both Brahman and Agni have been born from the mouth of the Lord. The Lord is fed with both the mouths. Swaha from the mouth of Agni and ah from the mouth of Brahman. When Brahmins get hot malpua and rabri, they become guffawed by belching.

Come ! Now let’s move on to the next story. One thing is worth noting here, Jai-Vijay created obstacles in the philosophy of Mahatmas like Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanatkumar, this is demonic behavior, so they got the curse of being a demon. When Sanakadi sages got angry on Jai-Vijay, they too had to be deprived of the darshan of Vaikunth Dham. All this is the Leela of God. Once Lakshmi ji was also stopped at the door by Jai-Vijay saying that the Lord is still sleeping, you cannot go inside. Lakshmi ji complained to the Lord, the Lord said – if I take them out on your request, then people will say good and bad about me, removed at the behest of the housewife. When I insult a saint, I will remove it. Look at the cleverness of God.

God says that as much as I am pleased by eating from the mouth of a Brahmin, it is not so much from the mouth of fire. The Lord clearly said that Brahmin is my direct face. He eats and I am satisfied. The Lord greatly praised the brahmins here and sent them off with respectful obeisances to Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Sanatkumars. Due to the curse of Sanakadi, he has come in Diti Maa’s womb today. Brahma ji told all this secret to the deities and said – you people do not panic, Lord Narayan will please and remove the trouble. The gods waited for the poor time. After a hundred years, Diti gave birth to two sons named Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu. Lord Varaha had a war with Hiranyaksha, after killing Hiranyaksha, the Lord lowered the weight of the earth.

Say Glory to God Varaha. ,


Kardam Muni’s penance and his marriage with Devahuti


Vidur ji asked- Maitreya ji Maharaj! Now tell me the story of Devahuti and Kardam Muni, who created this world through Maithuni Dharma.


Maitreya ji said- Vidur ji Maharaj, when Brahma ji talked about the expansion of the universe to his psychic son Kardam Muni, then Kardam Muni did rigorous penance for ten thousand years. At the beginning of Satya Yuga, Lord Narayan appeared pleased and told about the beauty of Devahuti. After the Lord left, Swayambhuva Manu and Shatarupa reached the hermitage of Kardam Muni with their Sulakshana daughter Devahuti. Proposed marriage to his daughter. Kardam ji said – I will definitely accept your Sadhvi daughter but on one condition. After he has a child, I will go away in peace.


Ato Bhajisye Samayen Sadhvi Yavat Tejo Vibhiyaadtmano Mein

Ato dharman paramahansyamukhman shukla proktan bahu manye vihistran.


Manu and Shatrupa gave their approval. The marriage of both took place with great pomp. Manu Maharaj became restless after donating his daughter. Devahuti started serving her husband Kardam Muni with love. One day, seeing the happy heart of husband Kardam Muni, Devahuti said – Lord! The promise that you had made at the time of marriage that I would be with you till conception took place, should now be fulfilled. Listening to Manu Nandini Devhuti, Kardam ji created a self-contained vimana in which all the facilities of heaven were present. Today’s five star hotel was conceived long ago by our sages. Both of them traveled in that plane for hundreds of years. When the time came, Devahuti gave birth to nine girls at the same time. According to his condition, Kardam ji started going to the forest after being sober, then Devahuti smiled and stopped him and said – Lord! If you go to the forest, then who will find suitable groom for these girls and who will solve my happiness and sorrow? Kardam ji said – Manunandini! Don’t feel sorry for yourself like this. The imperishable Lord Vishnu will soon arrive in your womb. Thus, after many days passed, Lord Madhusudan incarnated in the form of Kapil Muni from the womb of Devahuti. Flowers started falling from the sky. Sweet music started playing. The four directions rejoiced.


Say Kapil Bhagwan ki jai—-

When the time came, Kardam ji got his daughters married with sages. Thinking of his own son Kapil himself, he went on the path of sannyasa.


Look at the eloquence of our Indian women, Kardam Muni had to bow down in front of Devahuti’s eloquence. He had to do all the household chores before becoming a Sanyastha.


In front of Sati Savitri’s eloquence, Yamraj, the god of death, had to give up and return Satyavan’s life. Such has been the ideal character of our Indian women.


At the same time, Lord Kapila preached the famous Sankhya Shastra, Ashtanga Yoga and Tatvgyan to his mother Devhuti, due to which Mother Devhuti attained the position of salvation. The place where he attained Siddhi is called Siddhiprada. Thus today the story of the first day ended here. Come ! take the name Hari