Why did Hanumanji say- ‘Ram kaju kinhe binu mohi kahan bisram’: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

The monkeys, who are called by Dham, are of such a high level on the mental and spiritual level that even great yogis yearn for such a state of mind. If there is a desire to live, everyone wants to live together. And when it is their turn to die, all are intent on dying together.


We saw that Shri Hanuman ji makes such a jump to cross the ocean, that the enthusiasm of all the monkeys touches the sky. This one leap changed the mood of every living being engaged in the service of the Lord. Every monkey was beginning to believe that now our goal is not far away. The biggest thing is that not a single monkey among crores of monkeys was thinking that why they did not get the opportunity to go to Sita ji earlier. The reason is that whosoever apes will return after offering to Mother Sita, it will be as if one of the shining stars in the sky will be a single shining moon. And who wouldn’t want to get such an honor? But there was not a single monkey that had a mental estrangement from Shri Hanuman ji. There is only one tune, that whoever it is, whatever it is, it should reach Sri Sita ji in any way. This beauty of Sundar Kand is the most beautiful aspect of Sundar Kand.

The organizational structure is such that the lowly called Vanaras are of such a high level mentally and spiritually that even great Yogis yearn for such a state of mind. If there is a desire to live, everyone wants to live together. And when it is their turn to die, all are intent on dying together. There is only one prayer in everyone’s mind, that only Shri Hanuman ji should return only after completing his goal. So! Shri Hanuman ji made such a jump that the good fortune of the messengers of the Lord also took a long leap. However, which creature in the world is such a creature, which does not cheat throughout its life. It is another matter that their jump is towards the rise and not of the downfall. By not getting up, you only have to fall. Their leap, if not divine, is elusive. Their bag is not the gems of truth, contentment, modesty, mercy and forgiveness, but five subjects are only pebbles in the form of vices. These messengers of the Lord, even after being apes, became worshiped like gods. And today’s human being, despite being a human, is making such bad jumps that Gaya has become a passerby even with a monkey. This leap of Shri Hanuman ji is teaching us only that, believe that if a person cannot leave the habit of jumping, then do not leave it. We also support this habit of his. But just make a slight modification, that if there is such compulsion to jump, then do not jump. But there is only this request, that the jump should not be towards the world, but towards Kartar, that is, towards the Lord. Like apes, instead of moving from one branch to another, be straight from this world to that world. The jump from the illusion of the world towards Brahman is such a leap, which will continue to climb the ladder of respect from the beginning to the end. And there is one more feature of this beautiful leap, that the soul is bound like a monkey under the control of Maya, that then on Madari’s mischief, he has to dance from street to street – ‘So Maya Bas Bhayo Gosain. Bandyo Keer like Markat. So why not, then why not dance in front of the Lord. Because of which there will be no need to dance in front of Yamraj again and again. And the messengers of the Lord, these great apes drank this gulp of the successful formula of life very well. The result of which was that this huge monkey army had become great wanderers of the great journey from Nar to Narayan. Even in Gurbani the great man says-


‘Nachu re man gur kai aagai.

Gur kai bhanai nachahi ta sukhu pavhi ante tam bhau bhagai.’


Shri Ram is also the Guru of the monkeys, and also the Lord. Before whom, the apes dance in such a way that today the whole world feels happy to dance in front of them. That is why we do not forget to bow our heads in front of Shri Hanuman ji every Tuesday. The sutra is simple, once you dance with your heart in front of the Lord, see if the whole world has not danced in front of you, then tell me. It was the good fortune of Shri Hanuman ji that he had made this leap. And it was only a little while before they jumped, that someone stood in front of them-


‘Jalnidhi Raghupati messenger poor.

Tain mainak hohi labor lost.


When the ocean saw that the supreme messenger of Shri Ram was departing from above us, the ocean immediately ordered Mainak Parvat that Oh Mount Mainak! It is a matter of great fortune that the great messengers of Shri Ram are crossing our area today. Go, and offer them your service, for rest. That mountain of gold immediately becomes present in the path of Shri Hanuman ji for service. And humbly requests Shri Hanuman ji to take rest. Hearing this beautiful request of Mount Mainak, Shri Hanuman ji does not say that, O Mount Mainak, you do not even understand what journey we have embarked on. How dare you get in our way? We are saying this because, after making such a jump, as the jump has been made by Shri Hanuman ji, the gait of any person changes. Because there is communication of the item in it. But what a beautiful coordination Sri Hanuman ji created here. He did not disdain in any way the request of Mount Mainak. But after going to Mount Mainak, he came back after resting his feet. And said that O Mount Mainak, your request is undoubtedly honorable and mind-blowing. But the thing is, till I do not do Shri Ram, rest is haram for me-


‘Hanuman tehi parsa kar puni kinh pranam.

Ram Kaju Kinhe Binu Mohi Kahan Bishram.