God’s form is an ocean of love and we are a drop of it: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

Shukdev ji says – Parikshit, whose ears do not hear the praises of God, they are like snakes, the tongue that does not sing the praises of God, keeps on twitching like a frog all his life, the eye that does not see Hari Peacocks are like feathers.

Taptaray Vinashaya Sri Krishnaya Vayam Num:॥


Religion lovers of Prabhasakshi! In the last issue, Shri Shukdev Ji Maharaj, explaining to Parikshit the nature of the Virat Purush, said – O Parikshit! Considering that the whole universe is situated in that Viraat Purush, one should worship that true form of the Supreme Lord.

Come ! Now let’s move on to the next story-


Param Hans Shree Shukdev Ji Maharaj says – The nature of the Virat Lord is an ocean of love and we are a drop of it. That is why during the Raas, to break the pride of the gopis, when the Lord has disappeared, then the gopis say.


You are the ocean of love, we are thirsty for one drop of yours.

Return what you gave you will go from where we

You are the ocean of love——-


A mad bird of a wounded mind desperate to fly.

Have wings, have soft eyes, have to go blurry across the ocean

Now you understood it and forgot the way from where we were.

You are the ocean of love———


Say Virat Bhagwan ki jai——

Bile BatorukramVikramaan Ye Na Shravantah Karnapute Narsya

Jihvasati dardurikeva suta na chopgaayatyurugay saga.


Shukdev ji says- Parikshit, whose ears do not hear the praises of God, those ears are like snakes, the tongue that does not sing the praises of God, keeps on twitching like a frog all his life, the eye that does not see Hari is like a snake. A peacock is like a feather.


In the end Parikshit asked, how did God create this world?


Soot ji says- Shaunkadi sages, Parikshit had strong affection in his body, wife, son, royal lessons and wealth, but in an instant he gave up that love, but we worldly could not leave that love. .


Illustration: A man was very old. One day Yamraj came to take his life, the old man started crying and said that let me live for a few more days, let me see my grandson’s wedding and then take me away. Married, his grandson also had children. Yamraj came again, seeing Yamraj, that old man thought in his mind-


There are so many people lying in this world, leaving everyone behind, when I see it, it remains after my life, today I am going to hide it, thinking like this, as soon as he ran to kill Yamraj with a stick, he fell down and fell down and named Ram. It turned out to be true.

This is not just the story of that old man, but the story of all of us. We become old while enjoying the pleasures of this world, but our craving remains young. The truth has been said – Trishna na jirna, vaymeva jirna, if craving is to be eradicated, then Krishna’s grace is needed.


If you want to erase the craving of life

In the morning and evening speak, Krishna Krishna.

krishna name holy-pure krishna name lovely

Ease the darkness of the mind, say Krishna Krishna.


creation description

When Parikshit asked about the creation of the universe, Shri Shukdev Ji Maharaj praised Shri Krishna.

Moist; Parasmai Purushaya took the earth, the good place of restraint.

Admitted power tritayaya dehinamantarbhavayanupalakshya vartamne.

yatkeertanam yasmaranam yadikshanam

Lokasya Sadyo Vidhunoti Kalmasam, Tasmai Subhadra Sravse Namo Nama;

Tapasvino Danpara Yashaswino Manaswino Mantrast; Sumangala; .

Kshem na vindanti vina yadarpanam tasmai subhadra sravse namo nama;


Shukdev ji said – Parikshit! listen carefully. This question was once asked by Narada ji to his father Brahma ji – Father! You create the whole world, but to whom do they meditate with their eyes closed? Is there anyone above you? Then Brahma laughed to Narada and said, Son! There is someone above me and by saying this he narrated the process of creation in detail to his beloved son Narada. In equal state of Prakriti and Purusha, there is harmony and only in contrasting state, creation takes place. First of all, greatness originated from nature. Sat, Raja and Tama arose from him.


The five great elements arose out of tamo guna. Earth, Water, Light, Air, Sky.


Goswami ji has threaded it in a very beautiful way –

This inferior body composed of Kshiti, Water, Pavak, Gagan, Sameera, Panch.


And through this the Pancha Tanmatras, words, forms, tastes, smells, touches etc. were born.


The senses were born through the Rajo guna and the deities of the senses were born through the sato guna. As the god of the hands is Indra, the god of the eyes is the sun, the god of the mind is the moon, etc. Brahma originated from the nucleus of Lord Shri Narayan. Brahma ji started thinking who are we, where have we come from? When he looked around, four faces appeared, that is why Brahma is also called Chaturanan.