Read Shri Ramcharitmanas in poetic form: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

The author has given a very beautiful description of the stories related to Ayodhya Kand mentioned in Shri Ram Charit Manas through his verses. In this series you will get to read verses filled with devotional rasa every week. Hope readers will like this poetic style.

Remembering Dashrathji, Janak became restless


Silent words were spoken, tears drenched Nain.

Nain drenched in tears, who should explain to whom?

Spent day and night by staying waterless.

Saying ‘Prashant’ then Raghavendra urged

After bathing and meditating, everyone ate fruit again. 111.

Meeting in joy, four days passed

Was standing in front of everyone, but this was the idea.

But this thought, will Ram return home?

The sleeping fortune of Awadhpuri will wake up.

Say ‘Pacific’ all men and women on both sides

There was only one discussion in the morning and evening.112.

Janakraj was doing, this thought in his mind

Both the families were taxed, the daughter saved.

Daughter disguised as Salvation, Taapsee

The ideal of husbandry was shown to the world.

Saying ‘Prashant’ was defeated Sunaina also rejoiced

Sita will be worshiped for ages and ages. 113.

Ramji reached in the morning, went to Guru Vashistha.

Many days, painful exile for all.

excruciating exile, explain to you all

So that they all go to their respective homes.

Saying ‘Prashant’ then hugged Bharatlal

Follow the vow of revered father, explained to him. 113.

Bharatlal bowed his head, said, O Raghuveer

Give something, the mind can be patient.

Be patient, keep it on your head

Follow him, let me pass this difficult time.

Saying ‘Prashant’ again with the permission of Raghunandan

See the Tirath forest mountain of Chitrakoot-Sir.114.

Raghav’s anointing, with enthusiasm in mind

They had brought water of holy rivers and pilgrimages with them.

I had brought water with me, after Atri’s order.

Siddha was a coupe, installed in it

Say ‘Prashant’ it will be called ‘Bharatkup’ now

Whoever comes here, will find merit heavy. 115.

Saw all the pilgrimages, fine in five days

Slowly it came, the time of departure is near.

The clock is near, Bharat said Raghu Rai

Give me a sign of a turtle, whoever is always helpful.

Saying ‘Prashant’ the Lord has blessed me

Regards to him Bharat Sheesh took his life..116.

Bharatlal goes home, Pa Raghuvar Ashish

Two padukas were enshrined, now their heads were.

was now his head, who saw in the way

He established the love of Ram-Bharat in his heart.

Saying ‘Prashant’ is the glory of two letters

As guarding the interests of the devotees.. 117..

Gone slowly, all the guests departed

Lakshmana gets respect from Sita-Rama.

By getting respect, satisfaction came to all

It was a difficult decision but everyone liked it.

Saying ‘Prashant’ Shri Janakraj also came to Awadh

Saw all the arrangements, got all the work done..118.

After this Janak went to his Mithila Dham.

Bharatlal started doing the work of the government.

Governance work, when the clock is good

Charan paduka seated on the throne.

Saying ‘Prashant’ by making your own hut a hut

Bharatji started living in Nandigram.

were ruling, but not attached

Bharatlal was an ardent follower, devotee of Rama.

A staunch devotee, made life like this

Catering, rest, all like some sages.

Saying ‘Prashant’ by residing in the heart of Shri Sitaram

Worship the paduka daily while ruling..120.
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