Read Shri Ramcharitmanas in poetic form: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

The author has given a very beautiful description of the stories related to Ayodhya Kand mentioned in Shri Ram Charit Manas through his verses. In this series you will get to read verses filled with devotional rasa every week. Hope readers will like this poetic style.
Beautiful in all respects, Raghuvar’s residence

Even forest creatures live with them.

Live with them, hope is all fulfilled

Seeing Raghunandan, Bharat lost his mind.

Say ‘Pacific’ is protected

Both brothers on the earth bowed down. 101.

Ram hugged, Pulkit both brothers

Lakshman also met with a laugh, forgetting the old thing.

Forget the old thing, both are very happy

Offer the crown of Sitaji’s feet.

Saying ‘Prashant’ Gurujan is a minister-mother.

Raghu Rai ran with Lakshman on hearing this. 102.

Ram and Lakhan met everyone, got a lot of respect

Took them to the ashram, as many guests were there.

There were many guests, many Sita Harshai

By welcoming everyone, I was blessed throughout my life.

Dry faces of mothers on saying ‘Pacific’

Was telling that secrets are hidden deep in this..103.

Relatives sitting again, next to Guru Vashistha

The world is nothing but the appearance of Maya.

The feeling of Maya, told something deep

Then told the story of Dasharatha’s death.

Saying ‘Prashant’ shadows everywhere on hearing mourning

Lakhan Sita-Raghuraya started lamenting..104.

What Guru Vashistha said, Ram did the work

So that Dasharatha can attain, the best of his own abode.

Best place to visit

Coming to the forest, everyone respected the respect.

Saying ‘Prashant’ all three of us are grateful to him

Be good, now prepare for the return. 105.

Everyone wanted this, stay and day four

May be of Raghunandan, darshan again and again.

Darshan again and again, days passed by then Raina

Bharatlal could not sleep, dry Naina.

How to get ‘Prashant’ Raghav back home

If you tell the master, the matter may be made. 106.

Everyone was thinking, so that the work was done

Anyway, come back, Ram to Awadhpuri.

Ram, Muni showed the way to Avadhpuri

I was hesitant in my mind, but told this thing.

Say ‘Prashant’ return these three

And Shatrughan-Bharat should stay here in the forest.107.

Bharat became happy, hearing this thing

But the mothers felt, it hurt again.

This will not remove the hurt, pain again

Two sons will have to stay in the forest.

Saying ‘Prashant’ all came together in the hut

And tell this your suggestion to Ram. 108.

go on for a long time, discussion and discussion

It was my opinion, not a conclusion.

not a conclusion, said all together again

Raghunandan, do whatever you think is appropriate.

There was a desire in Bharatlal’s mind to say ‘Prashant’

Get the coronation right here, it will be good..109.

In the midst of this discussion, the news knows that

Janakraj is coming, everyone is shocked.

Everyone was surprised, everyone’s heart rejoiced

Ramachandra himself came forward to welcome him.

Greet each other by saying ‘Prashant’

Shri Raghunandan brought everyone to the ashram.110