Why Sri Hanumanji’s journey to Lanka has been given the name Sundar Kand: Swami Ram Bhajan Van

Sundar Kand is recited in the temples of Shri Hanuman ji. The ringing bells of the temples, aartis performed in rhythmic and sweet voices and the long queues of devotees outside the temples for the holy darshan of Shri Hanuman ji, as if giving a different divine and bird’s eye view.


As in the previous issue, we have allowed this good news to flow through our ear senses that now we are going to enter Sundar Kand. The Sundar Kand appears in the fifth phase out of the seven Kands in Shri Ramcharitmanas. However, in Shri Ramcharitmanas, every word in the seven kandas is priceless. Which cannot be compared. But the importance of Sundar Kand which is seen in the world is beyond description. People should not get the entire Ramayana recited, but only if they get the Sundar Kand recited, then they feel that we are undoubtedly on the right path. The Lord will surely be pleased with us. Sundar Kand is recited every Tuesday mainly in the temples of Shri Hanuman ji. The ringing bells of the temples, the aartis performed in rhythmic and sweet voices, and the long queues of devotees outside the temples for the holy darshan of Shri Hanuman ji, as if to see a different divine and panoramic view. Come, before we also describe the ‘Sunder Kand’, let us sing this song in the holy praise of Shri Hanuman ji-

Atulitabaladham hemashailabhadeham danujavankrishanum gyaninamagraganyam.

Sakalgunnidhanam vanaranamadhisham raghupatiprayabhaktam vatjatam namami.


That is, the abode of Atul Bal, having a brimming body like a mountain of gold, the form of fire for a demon-like forest, the foremost among the wise, the treasure of all virtues, the lord of the monkeys, the beloved devotee of Shri Raghunathji, I bow down to Pawanputra Shri Hanuman ji. I am


Why is Sundar Kand beautiful? What is it that in Shri Ramcharitmanas it has been decorated with the name of Sundar Kand? So the first and foremost reason, which is inspired by the spiritual womb, is that this journey of Shri Hanuman ji to Lanka is not mentioned in the name of the journey to meet Ravana. What would be the measure of beauty when meeting an evil demon? She is a great personality of Mata Sita ji, due to her holy meeting, this journey was able to be called beautiful. Beautiful because, in the deteriorating mentality and condition of the monkeys, the beginning of a pleasant change only when Shri Hanuman ji presents himself for this journey. This beautiful clock proves to be the first episode of this beautiful incident. The demons within Lanka may be ugly and scary, but the city of Lanka is immeasurably beautiful. Shri Sita ji sitting under the Ashoka tree in Ashok Vatika, even though she is surrounded by ugly demons, but the beauty of Shri Sita ji is immense. The Ashoka Vatika in which Maya is seated, the beauty of that Ashoka Vatika is also discussed in the three worlds. Then the biggest thing is that Shri Sita ji is a true form of devotion. And devotion has been called beautiful in the scriptures. Due to which the name of Sundar Kand is natural to be Sundar Kand. If you do a moral evaluation, you will find that the foundation for the beginning of the Sundar Kand is also very beautiful. That is, when Jambavan reminds Shri Hanuman ji of his powers, Shri Hanuman ji also declares that I now kill all the demons and bring Mother Sita to the shelter of the Lord. And undoubtedly Shri Hanuman ji was also capable of doing this great work. But even after having so much strength, Shri Hanuman ji does not jump immediately. Rather they ask Jambavan, O Jambavan! I am capable of doing everything. But I ask you, what is appropriate. Please guide me what should I do?


Including ‘Sahai Ravanhi Mari.

Come here Trikuta Upari.

I would ask Jamwant.

Appropriate shichawanu dijhu mohi.’ There is a clear message that in the further steps of Mother Sita ji, it is not that there should be an excess of strength only. Along with strength, it should also include humility. The quality of a warrior is not only to move forward, but also to have the decisive courage to retreat at the appropriate time. If there is immense power in Shri Hanuman ji, then it is not that that power is unbridled like Ravana. His power is controlled by the sages. Shri Hanuman ji is so humble that despite having all the powers, he asks Jambavan to give me proper advice, what should I do next. Surely the same quality is present in the cheetah as well. When he sits down to hunt, he does not jump first, but first leans down. Not only does it bend down, but it also turns back a bit. Shri Hanuman ji follows this sutra within himself. They are bowing down, but when the time comes, they will show the quality of holding back. Undoubtedly, the inclusion of such divine qualities for such a big campaign is the special hallmark and characteristic of a skilled warrior. These principles are later proved to make any episode of life a beautiful scandal. The beautiful case is beautiful. But how should our life be beautiful at the same time, that is the purpose of Sundar Kand. That is, first of all, like those apes, the purpose of our life should also be determined. We should have only one aim that we just have to attain the devotion of God in any way. Even if we have to sacrifice our lives for this. Without achieving the objective, it is as if we imagine to go back