Life Mantra: When someone misbehaves with us, we should bear it by remaining calm:: Shri Mahant Ravindra Puri

There is an incident related to Mahatma Gandhi. The train was going from Champaran towards Bettiah. There was a lot of crowd in the third class compartment. It was night already. When the train stopped at a station, a tough farmer climbed into that compartment.

The one who was powerful at that time took the place of others. The stern farmer saw a lean man sitting on a seat, he grabbed the lean man’s hand and lifted him up and said, ‘Why are you sitting here, go there and sit there.’

That lean man was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Seeing that wrestler, Gandhi ji sat down there and said, ‘You sit on the seat.’ The farmer sat on the seat sensibly.

The farmer started singing, ‘Blessed Gandhi Maharaj, the remover of sorrows.’ He was singing this line again and again and was remembering Gandhiji.

Gandhiji, sitting down, was looking at him with a smile. After some time Bettiah station came. A large number of people had reached the station to welcome Gandhiji. Slogans of cheers were being raised. As soon as some people entered the compartment, Gandhiji stood up and got down from the compartment.

The grumpy farmer understood something and immediately got up and got down from the box and fell at the feet of Gandhiji. Seeing this, all the people asked Gandhiji, ‘What has happened?’

Gandhiji said, ‘A lover of mine had expressed his love for me.’

Lesson – This incident gives us a lesson that if someone treats us badly, we can either fight or tolerate it by fighting. If we are dignified person, people know about us then we should be more humble. Humility is the jewel of great people.