Why did Shri Hanumanji keep Shri Ram’s ring in his mouth: Swami Rambhajan Van

What would Shri Hanuman ji have done with the Rammudika that Shri Ram ji gave to Shri Hanuman ji? Would Shri Hanuman ji himself have put that ring in his finger? Or that ring was pressed in the waistband. No, Shri Hanuman ji did not do any such thing. And what he did is certainly a matter of discussion. The reason is that Shri Hanuman ji keeps that seal at such a place, where there is no place for it. Yes! Shri Hanuman ji keeps that ring in his mouth. Now think for yourself that the seal is also a good thing to keep in the mouth. It seems that Shri Hanuman ji is a bit rebellious. Because of which they do not have this knowledge whether the seal should be kept in the mouth or in the finger of the hand. Gentlemen, don’t Shri Hanuman ji have even this much knowledge of raga? Believe me, Shri Hanuman ji is not so naive that he does not even have the knowledge of wearing ornaments. Goswami ji even says that Shri Hanuman ji is a great scholar, virtuous and very clever – ‘A learned person is very clever.

Shri Hanuman ji has complete understanding of the world and Kartar. But the question does not arise that why did Shri Hanuman ji wear that Ram’s seal in his mouth. Worldly contemplation is undoubtedly something to be neglected. But on observing from the point of view of elemental contemplation, we find great threads of spirituality. In fact, the words which were inscribed on the seal were very holy and great. Yes! The name of ‘Shri Ram’ was inscribed on the seal. When Shri Hanuman ji saw that the ring was adorned with the holy name of Shri Ram ji, Shri Hanuman ji thought to himself that Brother! As much as possible, the name of Shri Ram ji should remain on the tongue. The tongue without the name of Shri Ram is like a bird without wings and a fish without water. Can a tree imagine its existence without the earth? Similarly, if our tongue is inferior to the holy name of Shri Ram ji, then it is a curse on our tongue to exist. Goswami ji even says that if our tongue does not utter the holy name of Shri Ram ji, then it is not a human tongue at all. Rather it can be compared only with the tongue of a frog – Shri Hanuman ji said with folded hands that Oh Lord! What’s someone to say? Wouldn’t anyone even know that if a dirty filthy drain comes from somewhere forgotten and merges with Shri Ganga ji, then it does not harm the sanctity of Shri Ganga ji a little. Rather, that filthy drain becomes pure and holy just like Shri Ganga ji. Similarly, your holy name is the one who removes all three heat and sins. And if our tongue touches that holy name, then not only will the name of the Lord be a little dirty, but our sinful tongue will also become pure. And our tongue has always been soaked with the mud of slanderous slander. So we needed Shri Ram Ankit Mudrika on an initiative basis. Hearing this, Shri Ram ji was pleased. And said, O sut! You are well aware of the language of my mind. What is wrong and what is impure in the world. If done with impure spirit, even virtue is tantamount to sin. And when the mind is engrossed in the Lord, even the poison offered in the enjoyment becomes like nectar. Whether the ring is in the mouth or the finger of the hand, the matter is whether the ‘Rama’ inscribed in the ring resides in the soul of the soul or not. That is why we have accepted the berry of Bhaktimati Shabari. Otherwise we do not accept even fifty-six enjoyment of an emotionless devotee. Come on, the coin is a subject. Now we must move on to the second task. Oh Hanuman! The second task is that when you meet Srisita ji, what will be my message to her. Shri Hanuman ji is also rich in dignity and policy principles. What did they have to say? He remained calm, the Lord understood. And again he did not ask Shri Hanuman ji. And directly narrated the message which he had to convey to Shri Sita ji.


Song ‘Jo Nahi Kari Ram Gun’.

Jih so dadur jih samana.


Shri Hanuman ji thought that brother, we do not want to become frogs. Why should we make every moment turret like a frog? We are only concerned with singing Ram Naam Guna. They slandered the world a lot, they have also become a participant in their sin. But now it is time to write this birth only in the account of my lord. Only then is this birth worthwhile. Otherwise, you have to leave the earth empty handed. Gentlemen Shri Ram ji had also seen Shri Hanuman ji keeping his ring in his mouth. Seeing whom the Lord also smiled. And the Lord even thought that Oh wow! We didn’t even know that there could be such a place for the seal. In his mind, Shri Ram ji asks Shri Hanuman ji, that O sut! Undoubtedly, all your actions are for the welfare and inspiration of the world. But in future someone asked you a question, that you have not done this act even in the slightest. Somebody also puts Shri Ram’s face seal in his mouth. Wouldn’t that have made that ring stale? So what would you answer in that case?