Life Mantra: When we do devotion sincerely, our thoughts definitely influence others: Shri Mahant Ravindra Puri Ji Maharaj

Nimbarkacharya ji’s name was Niyamand ji. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu and considered Narada as his guru. The Nimbarka sect branch of Dvaitadvaita school is running in his name. Even today, he is worshiped a lot.

Niyanand ji had reached Vrindavan to propagate his principles. He made his permanent residence near Giriraj Govardhan. One day a Dandi Swami came to them. Such a Mahatma who used to hold a punishment in his hand. Both scholars were saints.

The discussion of scriptures continued between the two saints. Time passed such that it was night and both of them did not know. When he came to know about the time after seeing the darkness, Niyamand ji said to his guest Dandi Swami, ‘I am sorry, we could not know the time. You didn’t ask for food, you went hungry.’

Dandi Swamiji said, ‘We don’t eat after sunset.’

Niyamand ji felt that the guest would go hungry. This is not true. He closed his eyes and prayed to God that now you should do something.

The tree under which these two were sitting. It was a neem tree. At the same time, because of their prayer, a light spread and a voice was heard. Dandi Swami was heard to have food. Hearing this sound, Dandi Swami ate his food. Slowly the light faded out.

After this divine incident, Dandi Swami and all others changed the name of Niyamand ji to Nimbaditya. Later this became Nimbarkacharya.

Lesson – When we worship with a clean heart, God takes the help of nature and puts the thoughts in the minds of other people for which we request. Nimbarkacharya ji wanted Dandi Swami to have food and Dandi Swami got this order from nature. Similarly, a true devotee gets the grace of God. Because of grace the devotee becomes influential.
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