Read Shri Ramcharitmanas in poetic form: Swami Rambhajan Van

It is said in various Hindu scriptures that Shri Ram was born on the occasion of Navaratri after the completion of Navadurga recitation and the ninth power of Mother Durga was awakened in his body. It is believed that on this day in Treta Yuga, Maharani Kaushalya, the wife of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya, gave birth to Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram.


Male and female distraught, felt severe shock


Then Janakji said, such a bitter thing.

Such a bitter thing, no show your pride now

Vacant land from the heroes, all go home.

Seeing this saying ‘Prashant’, Lakhan said angrily.

Hear his whisper, everyone’s posture swayed. 101.

How did Janakraj say things without thinking

Wherever Raghukulbhushan is, all this is useless.

All this is useless, let me get their orders

Shake the whole universe with Shiva and Dhanu.

Saying ‘Prashant’ Sri Ramchandra made him calm

And lovingly made them sit beside him..102.

Then gave it to Ramji, Guruvar ordered

That auspicious vela has come, mato all kalesh.

Mateo show all the troubles, break the bow

And erase all the wrath of King Janak.

Saying ‘Prashant’ Raghav gave his head to the Guru

Let’s go towards the bow, everyone’s heart rejoiced. 103.

Sita was skeptical, how will it work

Shiva’s bow is hard, Shri Ram is short.

Shri Ram is small, Gods should all celebrate

Please do something like this lighten it up.

Saying ‘Prashant’ Raghav sadly lost Sita

And looking at the bow, recognize it. 104.

By circumambulating the bow, he bowed his forehead

Remembering the Mother-Father-Guru, he put his hand.

He raised his hand, broke it like this

Haven’t seen anyone like a miracle.

Saying ‘Prashant’ left on the earth in two pieces

There was noise everywhere, Ram broke Shiva-Sagittarius..105..

The sky reverberated, the drums were loud at o’clock

There was a sound of Mars, the peacocks of the dancing mind.

peacocks of dancing mind, deity goddess-shemale

Flowers were showered all over Raghav.

Saying ‘Prashant’ what did Sita say, just Harshai

Janak-Sunayana’s eyes filled with tears. 106.

Got up, took Janki, Jaimal in her hands

Friends were singing Mangal, the movement was slow.

The move was slow, not the enthusiasm

The body was thrilled, but nothing could be said.

Saying ‘Prashant’ again raised his hand and garlanded

Everyone was blown away, started singing congratulations. 107.

When Parashuram arrived, as the earthquake came

They had heard about the breaking of the bow, that was the whole situation.

He was in the whole situation, his ax in his hand

Everyone got scared, seeing their anger.

Saying ‘Prashant’ then Janakraj came along with Si

After doing pranam, both of them washed their feet. 108.

Vishwamitra came again, with Ram and Lakhan

Both of them bowed their heads on their feet.

My forehead on the feet, listen Shri Parashurama

Dasaratha’s child, the name is Lakshmana-Rama.

Angry by saying ‘Prashant’ Ashish Diya

But the very next moment it started shaking..109.

Who broke the bow, tell me today

I will destroy now, otherwise your secret.

Otherwise tell your secret, father soon

Or enjoy the result, come under Parashu.

Saying ‘Prashant’ frightened, poor father

Ram came forward and uttered these words. 110.
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