When Bali started talking about religion and unrighteousness to Shri Ram on his death bed; Swami Rambhajan Van

To rip off someone’s stomach is clearly inhumane, it is a sign of violent tendencies. At the first glance of the above line, these many flawed objections seem to be justified. Even if it is not, because ripping someone’s stomach by a killer will come in the category of punishable offense only.

It is amazing that Bali is on his death bed and in such a situation, instead of contemplating on his religion and unrighteousness, he is raising his finger on the righteous conduct of the Lord. He tells the Lord that-


Avatareh Gosain for the sake of religion.

Marehu mohi like vyadh.


That is, why kill me hiding like a huntsman. And then where is your religion going in hiding like this? This is a clearly manifest iniquity. When God is seeing Bali talking about religion like this, then in his mind he must be thinking that Wow! The cat is telling the sin of killing rats and the harm of drinking stolen milk. Is this justified in any way? When an unrighteous like Bali starts preaching religion, then what will happen if the distorted form of religion does not take shape? Can we ever understand the real definition of religion by keeping incomplete knowledge? To understand this let us analyze a line. In which it is said that ‘someone has cut the stomach of such a person with a knife.’ Doubtless it seems that this is adharma, it is a sin. To rip off someone’s stomach is clearly inhumane, it is a sign of violent tendencies. At the first glance of the above line, these many flawed objections seem to be justified. Even if it is not, because ripping someone’s stomach by a murderer comes in the category of punishable offense only.

But when you come to know that the stomach cuter is not an evil killer but a skilled surgeon, who has cut the patient’s stomach with a knife to cure some incurable disease. And after the treatment, the stomach was stitched again and stitched. Undoubtedly, the stomach has been cut here too, but will you keep that surgeon also in the category of murderer or will you thank him with folded hands with a feeling of gratitude? You are well aware of the answer. Because if a murderer slits someone’s stomach, his intention is undoubtedly to kill him. But if a doctor cuts the stomach, he gives life after healing the disease.


In the same way, wicked like Bali Ravana and Hiranyakashipu, kill someone by hiding or they will be called murderers after coming in front. But if the saints, devotees and God himself do this, then only the welfare of the living being lies in it. If Shri Ram ji killed Bali by hiding, then there is nothing like unrighteousness in it. Let us understand this through example. When our soldiers, stationed at the border, fight terrorists coming from across the border, do they stand in front of them with chest thumping in the indiscriminate firing? No! Rather, as a strategy, they keep firing on the enemy by hiding in the bunkers. The result of which is that our soldiers destroy the enemies without losing their lives. And as a result of this we look at those soldiers not with humiliation but with respect. We don’t stigmatize them, ‘Hey! They killed the terrorists by hiding, they deserve condemnation. Rather, we bow down to his valor, he is honored by the government by giving him Shaurya Chakra in some grand military ceremony.

If we say that it was the religion of the soldiers to kill the terrorists hiding in the bunkers, then what is the religion of the terrorists, they are enemies of the entire human race. Or rather, terrorists are the sticks pricked in the feet of the society and if the colic is to be removed, then the poofal is not used, but that colic is removed from the colic itself. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . As one colic was hurting the foot and the other colic took away the pain of the foot. This is what Shri Ram did to Bali. Because the list of Bali’s sins and atrocities was so long and filthy, that no punishment less than the death penalty would have been valid for him. And killing such a terrorist by hiding was not a sin but it was a part of Shri Ram’s war, art and battle policy. And for this it is a direct, unforgivable crime to put Shri Ram ji in the dock of questions. Although we should always bow down at his feet keeping a feeling of gratitude towards him.

Look at the level of ignorance that even after millions of years, a handful of people are still suffering from this frustrating feeling. Goswami Tulsi Das ji says that if we want to understand Shri Ram ji and his divine pastimes, then we must meditate on this chapai-

J Shree without sambal nahi santhan nahi dear with.

Tinh Kahun Manas Agam Ati Jinhi Na Dear Raghunath.

Goswami ji gives the example of a passer-by that, just as a passer-by needs to have travel expenses, someone’s support, and love for the goal to reach his destination. In the same way, the traveler of the divine path must keep the expenses of the path of worship with him. Never walk alone and must get the company and companionship of any saint, Satguru. He should have immense love for his ultimate goal, Shri Ram ji. If these three At the level, the wanderer finds himself complete, only then he is able to understand the pastimes of the Lord in some way. But the condition of the present society is very pathetic. There is no feeling in him towards the sages and saints. Pictures of film stars in homes. That would be plentiful, but it is not possible to find the idols of Shri Ram ji and other favored deities. Even if they are, those idols are found hidden in a small screen in a very small form.
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